Nasomatto Baraonda Parfum Decants/Samples

Rs. 4,399.00

Baraonda Perfume by Nasomatto, Created by Alessandro Gualtieri, Baraonda by Nasomatto has roots in Asia and encompasses a variety of nuanced flavors and blends. This fragrance is for both men and women and adds a special, elegant element to any event. The most user indicated fragrance note is whiskey followed closely by amberette, also known as musk mallow. The whiskey fragrance provides a provocative smoky tent to the effervescent musk mallow, and amberette. These dark touches are complimented by various essences of wood, by rose, and by abroxan.

Nasomatto fragrances are known for their elegant design in both aromas and presentation. In fact, Nasomatto is one of only a few brands who regularly market unisex fragrances that accompany any occasion expertly so. Like many Nasomatto fragrances, Baraonda subtly blends both traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine fragrances, creating a robust and flirtatious aroma unmatched by others. Baraonda can add an elegant touch to every occasion.